Our Commitment to the Environment

At Spiderman SE, we are 100% committed to providing our clients with the most effective treatment possible while at the same time ensuring the safety of our environment.

There are so many environmental benefits of the products and application methods we use at Spiderman SE, but here are just a few:

  • Spiderman SE technicians apply our surface sprays using hand-pumped backpacks. This method ensures peace and quiet and requires no fuels or emission-producing power sources. We don't use smelly, noisy generators or bring messy hoses through your property.
  • Our surface sprays are 100% safe, biodegradable and they dry completely clear. They are non-irritant and don’t smell.
  • We never use fumigants or use gasses in our treatments.
  • The products we spray go exactly where they're meant to go! We will absolutely not leave run-off streaming down your walls, paths, drains etc.
  • The Spiderman SE team acknowledges just how essential honey bees are to our environment. If you have a swarm or hive of honey bees at your property and you need them gone, we would prefer that you contact a local apiarist (beekeeper) to see if they can remove the hive or relocate the swarm to their own hives.

In addition to our treatments, our office is also keeping with our eco-friendly business model. As of March 2017, the majority of our operational systems at Spiderman SE are paper-free. The adoption of a brand new software application means that we're electronic all the way!

All of our record-keeping is online and written correspondence with clients (apart from those few that still prefer a snail mail) is via email and text. The adoption of this new system has seen a massive reduction in the use and waste of paper at Spiderman SE and has resulted in more efficient administration and a much better experience for our clients.