spraying millipede infestation around house

Our Professional Millipede Treatment

Our millipede treatment involves a comprehensive treatment around the perimeter of the home, paying particular attention to garden beds and entry points.

With major invasions, we’ll also treat on the inside of doorways and entry points.

We can’t stop millipedes getting into your yard, but we’re pretty good at stopping them getting into your house!

How Our Millipede Treatments Work

Our treatments are designed to kill the millipedes by direct contact. As soon as you spot the first millipedes, give us a call. 

It also leaves behind an invisible layer of insecticide on treated surfaces to kill millipedes that come along later. However, as the treatment is exposed to sun and rain in the garden beds it will only last a few weeks, so it cannot be used as a long term preventative treatment.

Stop the millipede invasion with a professional Millipede Treatment

Don’t squish them, call Spiderman SE.

How to Prevent a Millipede Problem

There are two key facts which shape our prevention tips:

  • Millipedes live in garden beds where they like the moisture and feed on leaf litter, although they will happily live in damp sub-floors.
  • Portuguese millipedes (the pest millipede in South Australia) are active at night and attracted to light.

Our top tips to reduce millipede numbers around your home:

  • Ideally, you should not have garden beds around the perimeter of your home. If this is not possible / desired, using pebbles as mulch and minimise watering will help
  • Make sure all entry points to the home have good fitting screens or are sealed up
  • Turn off external lights and use curtains/blinds during millipede season to make your home less attractive
  • Consider using a light trap away from the house as an alternative light source to attract and kill the millipedes
  • Place smooth rounded physical barriers around the perimeter of the home at ground level to prevent millipedes climbing into your home (they cannot climb smooth surfaces)