How to Get Rid Of Wasp Nests

Wasps, especially European wasps, are a big safety concern, especially if you have young children and pets. However, to get rid of a wasp nest safely can be a bit tricky without the necessary safety equipment and professional products. 

Spiderman SE will locate and eliminate any wasp nests causing a problem on your property.

Wearing the necessary safety gear, we blow insecticide powder into the nest.

Once the nest has been killed, and if the nest is on the outside of the building or easily accessible, we will remove and dispose of the nest.

Don’t forget an exterior pest spray can help prevent wasps from building their nests on the outside of the building, so a general pest treatment in early spring is a great idea.

If you’ve got a problem with bees rather than wasps, Spiderman SE can still help. Please check out our bee removal page

Protect your family and pets from wasps
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How to Prevent a Wasp Problem

Native paper wasps will build their nests in sheltered spots on the outside of buildings or on the underside of leaves and branches. An insecticide spray to the exterior surfaces of buildings and trimming back vegetation from around the perimeter of the home will reduce the number of nesting sites.

European wasps generally prefer to nest underground in cavities in raised soil, although sometimes they will nest in roof cavities and wall voids. It is very hard to prevent them from building nests, but it is better to deal with them whilst the nest is small, so if you spot activity call Spiderman SE as soon as possible.  In Australia, European wasp nests can overwinter and continue to grow the following year, creating a major problem.

How Our Wasp Treatments Work

Blowing insecticide dust into the nest and in-ground nest cavities allows the insecticide to coat the nest and nearby surfaces. Wasps and larvae coated in insecticide will die and wasps returning to the nest will pick up a lethal dose when then land.

For large European wasp nests, it may take until the evening for the nest to be completely eliminated, as wasps away from the nest during treatment will only pick up a lethal dose of insecticide on returning to the nest.