Residential General Insect and Spider Treatment (GIT) Packages

Bronze Package

  • Inside Only Spray 
  • OR
  • Outside Only Spray
$120 - $430*

Silver Package

  • Inside Spray 
  • AND
  • Outside Spray
$200 - $520*

Gold Package

  • Inside & Outside Spray
  • PLUS
  • Ceiling/Roof Void Dusting
  • AND/OR
  • Subfloor Dusting
$250 - $570*

*Our charges are based on time spent and products used

We usually charge for our services based on the size of the area that requires them.  For full details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions of Service.

Travel charges

To subsidise some of the labour and vehicle costs incurred on journeys over 30km from Mount Gambier, we charge a per-kilometre rate of $1.05 for the return trip (i.e. We will travel up to the first 30km free of charge).

If multiple jobs are scheduled in an area, we will share travel costs between jobs at a per-kilometre rate of $0.35 for the return trip. 


Agricultural & Commercial Properties

Email us your site address, site plan and your requirements, and we can provide an Estimate OR Call us to arrange an on-site visit so we can provide tailored recommendations and pricing based on our site inspection.