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Our Professional Spider Control Treatments

The type of spider treatment we carry out will depend on the species of spider we find, as they all like different hiding spots and have different web building habits.

However, our treatments are designed to kill any spiders present and providing lasting protection – making sure your home is spider and web free for many months.

  • Target spiders: Redbacks, black house, huntsman and white-tailed
  • Areas treated:
    • Indoor and outdoor surfaces including walls, skirtings, ceilings, entry points, window and door frames (not the window glass though!)
    • Gutters, eaves, pergolas, outdoor furniture, fences, clotheslines and sheds
    • Sub-floors and roof voids if present and appropriate
  • Products used: Sprays for surfaces, dusts for cracks, sub-floor and roof void

Spiderman SE can provide specialist spider control treatments to protect you and your family from spiders.

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How Our Spider Treatments Work​

The sprays and dusts we use will kill any spider they contact. They also leave an invisible residual layer on treated surfaces, which will kill any spiders that come along later and stop them building their webs.


Leave any webs in place for a week or two after spraying. This gives any spiders in hiding the chance to pick up insecticide from the web. After a couple of days, the webs can be removed by brushing (don’t spray with the hose as the water will wash the insecticide away).

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How to Prevent a Spider Problem

Spiders are always present outdoors. However, there are several things you can do to prevent spiders from moving into your home.

Spiders eat insects, so a general pest treatment will remove potential food sources, immediately making your home less attractive to spiders.

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The other key preventative measure is to eliminate potential hiding spots around the home where they could build their webs:

  • Remove stored goods and woodpiles from under and around your home – these are favourite hiding places for redbacks, huntsman and white-tailed spiders
  • Remove or trim back vegetation from around the perimeter of the home – bushes are preferred hiding spots and places to build webs for garden spiders
  • Seal up any cracks and ensure you have good-fitting insect screens
  • Make sure any sheets and clothes are kept off the floors – huntsman and white-tailed spiders love to hide in tight spaces!
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Hunting Spiders vs Web-Building Spiders

Spiders can be broadly split into two groups; web buildings spiders (redback and black house spiders) and hunting or running spiders (huntsman and white-tailed spiders).

Webbing spiders are pretty easy to kill as they hide in crevices and have obvious webs.

Running spiders don’t build webs and so their hiding places can be harder to spot. Expert knowledge and comprehensive treatments are required to make sure running spiders are eliminated.

If hunting spiders are a concern for you, having both inside, outside, and roof void treatments are essential. Occasional sightings of hunting spiders post-treatment are to be expected.