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How To Protect Your Home From Termites

Preventing a termite attack can be a challenge but is best achieved through good building design, the installation of a termite management system and regular termite inspections.

How Does a Building Design Stop Termite Entry?

​Termites only need a crack as small as a few millimetres to enter you home. With a good building design, construction elements will create a physical barrier to stop termites getting into your home without being noticed. For example, metal “ant” capping prevents termites from moving up inside brick piers. They have to move on the outside of the brick pier to get into the building. When this happens their activity can be spotted.

A good concrete slab (without cracks) also creates a good physical barrier. However, there are still weaknesses in construction design which need to be protected. For example, holes in a concrete slab for pipework need to be protected. These protection measures are put in place during construction, but the installation of a post-construction termite management system is highly recommended to protect your home.

Why Do I Need a Termite Management System?

A termite management system consists of either a soil treatment with a liquid termiticide around and under the home or the installation of a termite monitoring and baiting system. These termite management systems are designed to work in combination with the physical elements of the construction to create a termite protection system which prevents termites from entering the building without being noticed.

This is the key point – no system provides 100% protection from termites. They are designed to prevent concealed termite access – the termites have to show themselves in order to gain entry into the building. As long as regular termite inspections are carried out, such activity will be spotted and dealt with, and the building will be protected.

The Need for Regular Termite Inspections

Whether or not you have a termite management system in place, governments and building authorities recommend professional termite inspections at least once a year. They are designed to detect termite activity, termite damage and conditions that could make the building more likely to come under termite attack.

How Much Does a Termite Management System Cost?

When people ask how much a termite treatment or termite management system costs, it really is like asking, "How long is a piece of string?".  There are a lot of variables involved and a professional quote can only be provided following an on-site inspection.  You should be concerned about any company prepared to provide a quote over the phone.

​​With homes costings hundreds of thousands of dollars and termites capable of doing a demolition job (which won’t be covered by your home insurance), homeowners should really seek out the best termite professional in their area.

That said, it’s still important to get more than one quote.  Click here for some pointers on the factors that impact the costs.