Pest control rodent baits and termite inspections - discussing report

Regardless of which pest is causing your pest control problem, Spiderman SE has the expertise, experience, and local knowledge to assess and deal with the problem quickly and safely. If you live in Hamilton, Spiderman SE are your local experts for pest control and rodent control, as well as termite inspections and termite treatment plans.

Spiderman SE are your Hamilton Pest Control Experts

Our comprehensive and professional general pest control treatments for your home or business are odourless, non-staining sprays which effectively deal with common pest insects, including spiders. We select products with industry leading safety profiles and minimal environmental impact, as well as always conducting a risk assessment when we arrive on-site and discuss any concerns you might have before we get started.

Termite Inspections and Termite Treatment in Hamilton

In Hamilton Victoria, termite control can be a challenge, but it is possible through regular termite inspections and an effective a termite treatment and management system. It is necessary to go to these lengths to protect your home or business because simple surface sprays for termite control have been proven to be ineffective. Spiderman SE recommends a four-step approach for effective termite treatment:

  1. Carry out a professional termite inspection with a trained and qualified technician.
  2. Proposal of a recommended termite treatment plan to suit your situation.
  3. Eliminate the termite infestation.
  4. Install a termite treatment and management system, which may include liquid termiticide treatments to the soil, termite monitoring and baiting systems, and ongoing termite inspections.

Spiderman SE will work with you every step of the way ensuring you are fully informed.

Rodent Control in Hamilton

Rodents are common wherever rural areas are and Hamilton, Victoria is no exception. With Hamilton being the claimed “Wool Capital of the World”, livestock feed is simply too hard to resist for rodent pests such as rats and mice.

Rodent control is necessary due to the potential damage to your home or business, the disease they can spread, and most importantly, the rapid breeding cycle of rodents. They are prolific breeders and without proper rodent control you could soon have a rodent infestation on your hands.


Please call us today If you have any pest related questions or would like a quote.  Or simply make a booking online for our Hamilton pest control services or our termite inspections and treatments in Hamilton.