There are three main rodent pests that may gain access to your home, business or yard. They are:

  1. Roof rat
  2. Brown rat
  3. House mouse

These three cause the majority of property damage and food contamination. Of course, they also carry fleas and disease. You want them off your property fast!

But, the three usual suspects might not be the only visitor. Native marsupials such as the possum and antechinus, with their rat-like appearance and nocturnal habits, are often mistaken for rodents. However, these native animals aren’t vermin. It’s against the law to kill native animals and a licence/permit is required even if you want to move a possum.

Please visit the Victoria State Government website for further information about managing wildlife, including possums.

Once you know you have a rodent problem, the next step to getting rid of them is to identify which unwelcome visitor is invading your home. But, how do you tell the difference?

Here’s a helpful table that includes some of the main distinguishing features and characteristics of each one.

Rodent control - fact and identification table

Homeowners often struggle to gain control of rodents as they don’t understand rodent behaviour – it’s not just a question of putting out a trap or throwing some bait into the roof void. Expertise and experience are vital to identifying which rodent is active on your property. Correct rodent identification is the key to successful eradication as an understanding of nesting habits, foraging behaviour and food preferences will impact the design of the most appropriate treatment strategy. With years of rodent management experience, Spiderman SE Eco Pest Management can implement a safe rodent control and baiting program designed around your situation for quick control.

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