Termites love wine barrel planters - termites around your home

Ever wondered what wines termites prefer? Does their palate lean towards a nice chardonnay with its fruity, buttery, velvety feel, or is a light-bodied, dry and crisp Pinot Gris, possibly a 93, no, maybe an 89 vintage more to their taste…?

Okay, so maybe termites as wine connoisseurs is a stretch - it’s not so much the wine that sends termites into fits of ecstasy when they stumble on a wine barrel in your backyard; instead it’s the moist, warm wine-soaked wood, and high cellulose content that makes what you thought was a clever garden feature into a highly-attractive termite food source.

Living in the Coonawarra wine region means we see this kind of termite activity almost daily. The amount of times we’ve come across active infestations in wine barrel garden features is crazy!

Making your garden and the area around your home less attractive to termites can dramatically reduce the chances of termites attacking your home. Remember termites like wood and moisture, so these few simple tips can make all the difference and could save your home:

  • Remove all potential sources of termite food on the property; wood mulch, waste wood and cardboard boxes in the sub-floor, or any waste wood around the perimeter of the home, including those wine barrels or any other wood type garden feature.
  • If you store firewood, termites see it as a smorgasbord, so ensure it’s stored well away from the house and raised off the ground where possible.
  • dead branches and tree stumps from around the house as they make ideal food sources for termites, especially the root systems.
  • Termites need moisture to survive. Avoid using irrigation systems or watering garden beds around the perimeter of the home – keeping this area dry will create a “barrier”, reducing potential termite attacks.

It’s estimated two in every three homes in Australia will suffer a termite infestation at some time, and the costs involved in repairing termite ridden properties can reach the thousands. In some cases, damage to the property can be so severe that the homeowner can be faced with repair costs totalling over $100,000. In severe cases, demolition is required – and termite damage is not covered by standard home insurance policies!

Governments and building authorities recommend homeowners have a professional termite inspection at least once a year. So, if it’s been a while since your last termite inspection or if you want us to make sure termites aren’t having a party in your wine barrels, call to arrange your comprehensive termite inspection today.