I couldn’t believe the quick results. After the first day, we had already noticed a few dead spiders and bugs! And after two weeks I haven’t seen one creepy crawly. The service is exceptional right from booking to completion of the service. I love that you can book online and all the information is provided on the website. It answered all my questions, silly as they may have been. I have already been recommending Spiderman SE to friends and family and will continue to do so! Thanks, so much Michael and Sarah! It’s so great to be able to go with an eco-option and not worry about the chemicals.


Kate – 14/12/2016

The sprays and dusts we use will kill any spider they contact. They also leave invisible residual layer on treated surfaces, which will kill any spiders that come along later and stop them building their webs.

Leave any webs in place for 2-3 days after spraying.
This gives any spiders in hiding the chance to pick up insecticide from the web. After a couple of days the webs can be removed by brushing (don’t spray with the hose as the water will wash the insecticide away).



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