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Pest Control Tatiara District Council



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Artists and photographers will find inspiration at the ‘Big Gum Country' where 200 to 300 
year old red gums follow the meandering watercourses and swamps, while huge blue gums line the roadsides. If you’re a follower of Australian Political figures, the Bob Hawke Gallery, is a tribute to the former Australian Prime Minister, who was born in Bordertown on 9 December 1929.
However one of the reasons we enjoy servicing this area is due to the many country bakeries and cafés, which is always a good excuse to grab a pastry… or two!
Spiderman SE will come to you no matter where you are based in this part of South Australia. Towns and areas we service in Tatiara District Council include:

  • Bangham

  • Bordertown

  • Geegeela

  • Kongal

  • Mundulla

  • Padthaway

  • Pooginagoric

  • Swedes Flat

  • Western Flat

  • Willalooka

Get in touch today on 1300 467 743 to discuss rodent control or termite treatment options in the Tatiara Council of Grant.

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